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Mike Quon is a graphic artist best known for his colorful, bold brushstroke style and whimsical depictions of favorite places, everyday objects and architecture.  The son of a Disney animator (Fantasia) and devotee of the Pop Art movement. Quon has a distinguished career as a graphic designer and illustrator. A California native, he relocated to New York City and has been living and working in the greater NYC area for over 35 years. He studied drawing, painting and the graphic arts  under the influences of Richard Diebenkorn and pop artist Ed Ruscha while at UCLA in the sixties.

Quon's style involves a natural and fluid spontaneity. He has sketched all over the world on his travels, on subways in NYC to Tokyo, to cafes and landmarks in Australia, South America, Europe and Asia. He loves drawing daily and believes that 'Art has got to be fun'.

Mike Quon’s artwork has made appearances in gallery and museum exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris, as well as in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, The New York Times, The New York Historical Society and the US Air Force.He is the author of two books,  Non-Traditional Design and Corporate Graphics, both published by PBC International.  His work can be viewed at his website, quonart.com.


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